About Gregor

Gregor Roth

Gregor Roth is Assistant Professor of Graphic Design and Art. He holds a BFA in Visual Communication and Design and an MFA in Studio Art. Gregor has 20 years professional experience in graphic design and advertising, has exhibited nationally and written for several journals. He has a profound dedication to ensuring education is included in his robust practice; infusing this with experience and design theory into the classroom/studio. He strives to instill in students a desire to be life-long learners and become professionals in design, illustration, problem solving and critical thinking as well as become artists dedicated social awareness, giving back to community and practicing sound moral and ethical ways of living.

Gregor’s current position stresses a pedagogy built upon four areas of knowledge and skill in art and design. Studio practice and experience are of prime importance in preparing students for professional careers; equally important are art history, theory and criticism as these stress the significance and value of historical antecedents, critical evaluation, knowledge of common elements and vocabulary as methods to place works of art into proper contexts; technological acquisition as it is an extension of common and studio skills, but also as it is vital in the industry of graphic design; culminating into synthesis, these, form a lifetime process of professional and personal work of continual learning in studio, analysis, history, and problem solving (Design Pedagogy). Gregor practices this approach outside the classroom was well. Gregor is Vice President on the Board of Directors and is also Vice President of the Education Committee for N.E. Indiana region of the American Advertising Federation. In this capacity he works with area university’s graphic design professors in competitive and extracurricular activities designed to give students practical experience in working with clients and in graphic design. In this current role, combined with his previous experience means Gregor can draw upon area professionals so senior graphic design students can network, interview and obtain internships, and eventually jobs in the field.

Gregor exhibits and writes theory. His illustrations explore societal norms and values in wry and unexpected ways; his style is a synthesis of traditional and digital mediums. Gregor’s theoretical writing investigates the relationship of the self, site and art as a state a being while defining the condition of an art situation; this investigation also utilizes installation of art objects into a given space. His writing can be found in, The Journal of Space and Communication, The Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture, International Journal of Art and Humanities, among others.

Gregor believes and promotes the value of art through a wholeness approach that takes into consideration a wide range of visual, written and geometric/sculptural formats. Ultimately Gregor embodies the idea that Art is a professional pursuit of critical thinking and analytical expression driven by the notion that art is intelligent and complex. Graphic design being a problem solving facet of art and design, it produces products designed to build brand awareness, impart business ethos, or enhance society through deliverables that offer efficiency, knowledge and practical application to everyday life. Through his illustration work he draws upon the power of image as a tool to promote communication through visual imagery. It utilizes this format as a platform for dialogue and discussion through stylistic and elaborate imagery. His writing seeks to reveal art as a situation that is both a look at how other professional fields (physics, psychology and architecture) are utilized in art objects, as well as giving voice to art’s elegance as a medium for the aforementioned fields of study. Gregor is currently in the process of writing of book describing this idea.

Gregor enjoys design on many levels, considers himself an accomplished amateur mixologist, likes to travel and view culture through the lens of anthropology, relaxes reading biographies and watching documentaries on a wide array of subjects, ranging through archaeology, quantum physics, natural science or instrumental thinkers and professionals of history. He enjoys running and physical training though admits he doesn’t have the time to do this as much as he should. Gregor has been described, more than once, as a bon vivant.